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Peas on the windowsill

Even if you only have a windowsill or a few square feet of paving - it's amazing what you can fit in.


Early in the year, February on,  you can start thinking about planting a few crops. Especially if you are able to give them a sunny spot and some warmth.

Peas can be started inside in February ready to be planted out in March - 'Kelvedon Wonder' are a good early variety. 

To avoid disturbing the peas' roots I plant seeds into small cardboard boxes that cat food sachets come in. Using paper parcel tape I shut the ends before sawing the box in half with a bread-knife, making two mini planters – in goes some multipurpose compost and 9 peas.  Push them in to the depth of your first knuckle. Put in a water-proof tray, water, sit it on a windowsill and in a few days the peas will begin to emerge.


To plant out dig a box sized hole and put the whole 'planter' in so the peas aren't disturbed and the cardboard will just rot away.

If you have no outdoor space you can eat pea shoots as a tasty salad, and use cheap dried marrowfat peas instead. These can be planted very close together, they won't be growing for long so need little root space. You can use a plastic tray mushrooms came in or something similar, make a few drainage holes in it and fill with compost. Cut peas when they are 15cm high, eat raw or cook briefly, they taste of peas.

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