Frequently asked questions for the hoped for live event at the Trinity Centre

Is the event free?

Yes! You can come in for free. 

We are considering a bookable timeslot where you would pay a deposit of a few pounds, and these would be refunded on the door - so you would only pay if you were a no-show. This has yet to be confirmed, we would prefer to keep it uncomplicated and free.  Even if we go for that there will be space for people to just come along - it only means they would queue longer.

Seeds are also free, however, if you can afford to, we ask you to make donations - the event is self funding and run entirely by volunteers. Next year's event depends on this year's breaking even.

Is Covid affecting the Seed Swap?

We are waiting for January to see if we will be able to hold a Seed Swap as well as having the postal version.

Even if we can hold an event, it is pretty clear that there will be restrictions on numbers allowed into the hall at any one time.

We are considering having a timed entry slots you can book, to reduce queuing. There will be a one way system, and lots of hand sanitiser to keep everyone safe.

As we have to limit the number of volunteers as well as public will only have the seed tables, no cafe, stalls or kids' area.

We do plan to have some online talks to replace the usual live ones, we are working with other seed swaps round the country to put on  a programme of talks.  Details will be on this site when we have them.

I don't have seeds to swap,

can I still join in?

Absolutely! YES!

Everyone has to start somewhere, and we want to get everyone growing.

If you are skint, seeds are free too.

If you can afford it you can make a donation via Paypal or by putting a few extra stamps in your envelope (postal swap) or cash in the donation tubs if we have a real world event.

For next year, please try saving some seeds to bring to the     Seed Swap. The easiest ones are french beans, peas and lettuce as these don't cross with other     similar species or varieties

How should I pack seeds?

We would appreciate seed donors cleaning seeds as far as possible and packing them in envelopes in the kind of portion a gardener would want.

Please do not bring whole sunflower heads, unshelled beans etc as it takes too long for people to get what they need into the small envelopes we provide.  We will have limited numbers allowed in at any time, so we don't want to slow people down.

If you have lots, a jam jar with a clear label people can photo is another option, and visitors can bag up their own. We prefer paper to plastic packaging as it may hold the virus for less time.


Is there Parking?

There is some parking on site: pay and display, at a pound per hour.


The number plate recognition cameras which monitor the car park have no mercy, if you exceed the 20 minute set down time, or the time you have paid they will fine you. 

We can do nothing about this, sorry.

Are Kids welcome?

Yes, bring them along, but bear in mind that we won't have  the cafe or the kids activities area this year to keep them happy.

Is the venue accessible?

Yes.  There is flat access from the side door, near the disabled parking bays. We will be operating a one way system, but will make accommodations for anyone who needs extra flexibility.

We will only be using the lower hall this year, so stairs and lifts are not an issue.

Trinity Road BS2 0NW, at the end of Old Market. It is a converted church and stands in a large plot, making it a landmark and easy to spot.

There are numerous bus routes that stop on Old Market, and it is in easy walking distance of Cabot Circus car park.

Where is the Trinity Centre

What should I bring?

SEEDS to add to the Seed Tables if you  have any, these can be spare shop bought seeds or ones you have saved yourself.

CASH, for donations, though we can now take Paypal too. 

Your own hot drink, as we have no cafe this year.

Warm clothes - you may have to queue for a while.


FRIENDS and NEIGHBOURS. Tell the gardeners in your life about the Swap, some people are just to busy growing things to look at social media - we find it hard to reach them with publicity.

How should I label seeds?

Please label the seeds with variety, specific names and the year they were harvested if you know it.

If you can also give details of how they were saved, or if they were bought it will allow people to judge if they will breed true.

and if  you have any stories about what the plants mean to you - is this your Gran's favourite, did it crop wonderfully for you etc etc. people love to hear about it.