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2022 Speaker Programme


& book signings in partnership with Bookhaus Bristol




Diane Holness - Why save seeds and how to do it


Seed saving is as fascinating and satisfying as any aspect of gardening. Diane’s informative and practical talk will introduce the easiest seeds to save for beginners, and discuss how to process and store seeds. Diane will point out factors to investigate before saving seeds from trickier vegetables and flowers along with some real world solutions to make it work for you. Diane says “Seed saving is an intriguing and delightful part of gardening - let’s make it part of the mainstream again”.


Seed stories from Eating to Extinction: Dan Saladino in conversation with Alys Fowler and Barny Haughton

Dan Saladino, food journalist and broadcaster, will introduce stories and themes from his astonishing new book ‘Eating to Extinction’. Over the last 50 years, much of the world’s seed has come into the control of just four corporations and the vast majority of our adaptable, resilient strains of locally saved seed have been lost or are highly endangered. Our global food system, now based on a level of uniformity never experienced before, is increasingly vulnerable to diseases, pests and climate extremes.

Dan will discuss with Alys Fowler and Barny Haughton what this means for gardeners and growers, and for cooks and chefs at every level, what we can do in our own communities and kitchens to preserve food diversity for future generations.


Alys Fowler – Polyculture for a beautifully productive edible garden

Polyculture, as opposed to monoculture, is the art of growing a variety of different plants together, resulting in an intricate garden design that celebrates biodiversity as well as deliciousness. Alys’ approach is to create a permanent framework of trees, climbers, shrubs and perennials that can be relied on year after year to produce a healthy harvest, interwoven with a complement of annual flowers vegetables that you can sow and grow to suit your tastes as well as your capacity.

Polyculture is a key theme in Alys’ new book ‘Eat What you Grow’ and it combines principles from permaculture design as well as more conventional organic gardening.


Book Signings by Alys and Dan in partnership with Bookhaus Bristol

Dan Saladino will be signing copies of his new book ‘Eating to Extinction’ before and after his talk

Alys Fowler will be signing copies of her new book ‘Eat What you Grow’ before and after her talks.


Purchase your book in advance( No Longer Available)

To make sure the book you want is reserved for you, ready to be signed by Alys or Dan, please email to purchase your copy in advance.


Our Speakers this year

Click on the link or photo below for full speaker profiles

  • Dan Saladino is an author, journalist and broadcaster. He makes programmes about food for BBC Radio 4 and BBC World Service.

  • Alys Fowler is a gardener, author and journalist, a regular contributor to the Guardian and BBC Gardener’s World.

  • Diane Holness works as an artist and model maker at Aardman Animations. She also works as a garden designer and gardener, specialising in productive and wildlife friendly gardens under the name of Urban Eden Designs. Diane gardens for herself on her allotment, at Golden Hill Community Garden and in her small urban back garden. Diane has been a key organiser of Bristol Seed Swap since 2015.

  • Barny Haughton is a chef, restauranteur, and Eco-Food Pioneer. He is Founder and Director at the Square Food Foundation in Bristol where he teaches cookery.

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