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    We really hope we have covered everything you need to know to take advantage of the postal seed swap, or the live event - there are  two separate sections of FAQs in the submenu.


If you cannot find the answer to your question about how it all works, the venue or the Bristol Seed Swap in general in the FAQs do please email us at

We will add an answer into the FAQs 

Please be aware that with hundreds of seed requests expected we will not be able to answer emails about specific issues about your seed wish list or to make recommendations as we would at a live event - we simply don't have enough people to do that. 

If we can hold a real event in February our friendly seed guardians will be         delighted to help you with individual advice at the seed tables.

How should I pack seeds?

We would appreciate seed donors cleaning seeds as far as possible and packing them in envelopes in the kind of portion a gardener would want.

Whole sunflower heads, unshelled beans etc make it time consuming for our volunteers to process and pack the seeds and they may go to waste.​

If you have lots of seeds to donate, more than can go through a letterbox or be posted, please contact us:

bristolseedswap@gmail,com and we will arrange to pick them up.


How should I label seeds?

Please label the seeds with variety, specific names and the year they were harvested if you know it.

If you can also give details of how they were saved, or if they were bought it will allow people to judge if they will breed true.

and if  you have any stories about what the plants mean to you - is this your Gran's favourite, did it crop wonderfully for you etc etc. people love to hear about it. 

I don't have seeds to swap, can I still join in?

Absolutely! YES!

Everyone has to start somewhere, and we want to get everyone growing.

If you are skint, seeds are free too.

If you can afford it you can make a donation via Paypal or by putting a few extra stamps in your envelope (postal swap) or cash in the donation tubs if we have a real world event.

For next year, please try saving some seeds to bring to the     Seed Swap. The easiest ones are french beans, peas and lettuce as these don't cross with other similar species or varieties

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