About us

The Bristol Seed Swap is an annual event, but as an organisation we are now expanding to do educational work, screen relevant films and maintain an informative presence on Facebook and other social media throughout the year. We hope this website will be part of that, a resource for gardeners and seed savers.

We are losing huge numbers of seed varieties from all sorts of crops, in Britain and globally, as growers are persuaded to spend money on mainstream catalogue seeds. These are often less appropriate to regional conditions, are dependent for good crops on chemical inputs and are less resilient to variable weather. F1 seeds also remove the option of saving your own seeds as they will not breed true. GMO seeds are often patented so it is illegal to save them.

Would you like to get involved

If you share our aims and have some time we would love to have a bigger group of people to make sure the Bristol Seed Swap keeps going, and were it possible we would love to expand into a more educational role during the rest of the year, teaching people how to save seeds. If you are interested, talk to one of us at the Seed Swap or email brisseedswapvols@gmail.com.


The Bristol Seed Swap is a great community event, the usual event is busy, bustling and people often stay for the whole afternoon to make the most of it.  With Covid restrictions we may not be able to hold it at all, or we will have to limit some aspects of the event but still aim to make it possible to


- Share & take away diverse & interesting seeds, either by post or at a limited real world event with just the seed tables and none of the extras - (stalls, cafe, kids activities or talks).

- Watch online live talks as part of a programme we are putting together with other seed swaps around the country.


EVERYONE IS WELCOME!! From novices gardeners to expert growers .


SEEDS GALORE- The event is held right at the start of the growing season, in time for you to get the early starts, such as peppers & chillis as well as an amazing array of other vegetable and flower seeds.