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Postage costs

The number of stamps you will need to use depends on what kind of seeds and how much of it you would like.

If you only request small seeded plants and want less then 10 packets, then a standard size letter and stamp should be adequate

If you want runner beans, peas, french beans or sweet pea, or more than 10 small seeded varieties, please send us a pre-stamped envelope with a large letter stamp or equivalent stamp value

If you are asking for large seeds ( beans, peas,...) we advise to use a padded envelope, to avoid spilling in the post.

Stamp prices from the 1st of January 2021:

standard 2nd £0.66 / standard 1st £0.85 

large up to 100g 2nd £0.96 / large up to 100g 1st £1.29

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