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Postage costs

The number of stamps you will need to use depends on what kind of seeds and how much of it you would like.

If you only request small seeded plants and want less then 10 packets, then a standard size letter and stamp should be adequate

If you want runner beans, peas, french beans or sweet pea, or more than 10 small seeded varieties, please send us a pre-stamped envelope with a large letter stamp or equivalent stamp value

If you are asking for large seeds ( beans, peas,...) we advise to use a padded envelope, to avoid spilling in the post.

Stamp prices from the 1st of January 2021:

standard 2nd £0.66 / standard 1st £0.85 

large up to 100g 2nd £0.96 / large up to 100g 1st £1.29

How to save seeds from "easy" vegetables and wild flowers Bristol’s well loved permaculture activist, Mike Feingold will be talking about how to save seed and why this is important. Mike has been at the centre of Bristol’s practical permaculture community for many years. He runs a thriving community orchard at Royate Hill, where he also has his own allotment.

Mike teaches on the Shift Bristol permaculture course and co- ordinates large teams of volunteers every year to run practical permaculture areas at festivals including Glastonbury Festival.

He’s also involved in redistributing unwanted food to communities in need across the city.

Mike’s talk will focus on seed saving from ‘easy’ vegetables, as well as saving wild seed. He’ll also touch on the politics of seed saving.

Mark De'Lisser

Often taking inspiration from the natural environment, poet Mark De’Lisser weaves words that explore the ever shifting tides of the human experience. 


Born in London and now settled in Bath, Mark has written professional commissions for the Bath Abbey and Roots Allotment, and regularly collaborates with musicians.

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